About the Water System

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About WaterWorks

WaterWorks is an interactive, science-based game designed for fun, learning and research. This game will challenge you to create working water systems in different environments and with varying constraints. By playing WaterWorks, you will gain a better understanding of how water systems work in real-world scenarios across the full cycle of water access, use, treatment, and replenishment.

In addition to helping players understand, analyze, and create their own functioning water systems, WaterWorks is a research platform for assessing how players think about water. As one example, early survey and prototype work led us to believe that the general population is largely unaware of how their water is delivered or what happens to it after use. Fortunately, this concept has a very steep learning curve, and so, if the information is presented efficiently, people will be able to quickly increase their understanding of this important topic. WaterWorks exists to thus entertain, inform, and test these hypotheses of increasing player comprehension.

WaterWorks is created by an interdisciplinary team at Indiana University from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs and The Media School.

Team leads: Shahzeen Attari and Mike Sellers
Research: Carissa Knox, Kelsey Hinton, and Bronson Bast
Programming: Ian Ford, Shree Harsha Sridharamurthy, Brent Kievit-Kylar and Studio Cypher
Art: Carissa Knox
Sound and Music: Evan Spiegel

Funding was provided by the Indiana Water Resources Research Center (IWRRC), Vincent and Elinor Ostrom Workshop on Political Theory and Policy Analysis and the Indiana University Office of Sustainability.

Questions? Contact waterwrx@indiana.edu